Dennis Löw

Since images themselves are neither philosophical constructs nor do they seek to answer questions, Dennis Löw’s works give recipients the opportunity to discover their own sensual pictorial and sculptural languages in order to penetrate new contextual universes. They give viewers the opportunity to embark on an emotional as well as rational search for the authentic. To examine what is body, what is matter, what can be grasped and what can be experienced.

Martin M. Leyer-Pritzkow

Artworks (Selection)

New Abstract Paintings and art photography

Dennis Löw studied at Kunstakademie Düsseldorf. He is masterpupil of Gerhard Richter. He lives and works in Düsseldorf.

Dennis Löw focuses in his works around the theme of abstraction of the experientialnature. With its picturesque and photographic expression he creates new visualideas. They make the non-visible new experienced by dealing with theaesthetics of the elements. The microcosm is exempted by painting andphotography, and transformed into a new dimension.

Gerhard Richter used in its abstract expressive images the squeegee to make the invisible visible by applying layers with the squeegee on the paint.

Dennis Loew goes back to the middle of abstract painting itself, to do research on thepainting. In his serial photographyshe duplicated elements from his paintings, enlarged them and creating new independent works.

This approach is reminiscent of thematerial analysis of a chemist who studied elementary that he combines in his test tubes. The painter Dennis Löw researches with photographic means on his canvas, enlarged to document the item to the procedural aspect and make about photography intense painting experience.

In this way it makes use ofphotography as a means to contemporary abstract expressionism in painting and photography to explore.

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