Woodcut means for me
smell, haptic, fight.

Inessa Emmer


Inessa Emmer lives and work in Duesseldorf. She was born 1986 at Kazakhstan studied art at the University of Dortmund and at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf, where she was a master student of Prof. Thomas Grünfeld.

She has already participated in numerous exhibitions, including: Kunstverein Linz am Rhein (2021); Das junge Museum Bottrop; PRAC, Naples; Kunsthalle Hamburg; Kunstpalast Düsseldorf; K21, Düsseldorf.

Her wood prints are mostly large-scale works created on nettle with handmade stencils. All works are unique and show non-real surreal creatures or objects. The titles of her works are usually not in a direct context. They are own word – or sense creations. They inspire the viewer to their own associations and convey new fresh perspectives on the supposedly familiar to us everyday life, in the sense of “it could all be quite different”.

Art Studio visit

Take the opportunity to ask Inessa Emmer about her work in a personal conversation at the place of art production and to look at new works.



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