My Selection for new figurative and abstract expressive contemporay art

As curator for new contemporary art I have selected artists who convinced me by their works. The selected artists I count today and also in the near future to the emerging artists of the contemporary art. Their works vary from figurative to abstract expressive painting, photgraphy and sculpture. The artists live in Düsseldorf, Berlin, Milano, Paris, Venice and Vizenza.


All named artists are common the capability to work in a very authentic art process. Some of them had famous teachers at their time as students in the academies. Bernard Lokai and Hans-Jörg Holubitschka studied in the class of Gerhard Richter, Katrin Roeber learned by A.R.Penck and Fabrizio Gazzarri was student in the class of Emilio Vedova. All artists are independent and free from their famous teachers and developed their own authentic positions in the filed of art.


Their works convince because their are not part of the mainstream. Their artistic assertions are serious. With this attitude the artists produce art works which are time raised and will have significance also in the future. They succed, because of their intensive dispute with their art and to find own metaphorical and form languages. They ask themselves again and again will the realized art work fullfill their own high targets.


Please note:


Because in the focus of your views should be the art work itself. I have consciously renounced to list  Curriculum Vitaes, Exhibition schedules or Prizes they made in the past.


If you are interested in a special art work, please contact me direct. I will be pleased to inform you about each art work as well as about the artist himself.


I will be delighted abourt your friendly Enquiry.





The Artist Stefan Demary died 2010 much to early and A. Bierbrauer reached the age of 97 before he died in autumn of 2012. I feel myself very related to these outstanding artists. Out of this reason I will be thankful when you as visitor of this page also look to their extraordinary art works.


The most art works you see on my homepage can be purchased, if there is no other information subtitled under the art work. Please contact us to ask for further informations.


Martin Leyer-Pritzkow, November 2013


Independent Curator &

Lecturer of the Accademia di Belle Arti die Venezia (1999-2008)


Martin Leyer-Pritzkow

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