Armin Baumgarten - expressive paintings and sculptures

A.Baumgarten, Figure,12,06, new German contemporary, figurative expressive painting, 2006, new German contemporary figurative expressionism, nouvelle contemporaine allemande peinture figurative A. Baumgarten, Figure (12/06) Oil on canvass, 78,74 x 47,24 inches, 2006
A.Baumgarten, Head, 7/02, 2002, new German contemporary figurative painting, new German contemporary abstract expressionism, new german contemporrary, figurative expressive painting. A,Baumgarten, Head, 7/02, Oil on canvass, 31,49 x 23,62 inches, 2002
A.Baumgarten, Head, 2007, new German contemporary Figurative painting, new german contemporary abstract expressionism, nouvelle contemporaine allemande peinture figurative A.Baumgarten, Head, Oil on canvass, 63 x 51,18 inches, 2007 / 2009
A.Baumgarten, sculpture, Bronze, 2012, new German contemporary figurative sculpture, new German figurative expressive, contemporary bronze, nouvelle allemande contemporaine sculpture figurative. A.Baumgarten, sculpture, Bronze, 78,74 x 13,78 x 11,81 inches, 2012, Private Collection Germany.




Armin Baumgarten studied at the Academy of Art, Braunschweig. He is a former masterpupil from Herman Albert. He lives and works in Düsseldorf.


Beside abstract heads, landscapes, figures he is painting, he also creates sculptures out of bronze. He was participiant of numerous international art exhibitions in Swiss, Italy and United States of Amerika.


His works are between figurative and abstract paintings. His motives varies from Heads, figures and landscapes. In the sculpting his works can be identified as expressive sculpture.


Armin Baumgarten is with his work an  important part of the new German contemporary painting. He is a contemporary painter who ignores the trend of effectful painting in the painting of the presence. In his painting you will find consciously quotations of the art hostory as the generous use of colour like Eugène Delacroix, Odilio Redon or Georges Braque. This haptic, sensitive painting you will find also in the works of Emil Schumacher. His sculptures integrates in the esthetic of Alberto Giacometti. He uses the best of the past and ads to it significiance in the international contemporary art.


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