Stefan Ettlinger - new contemporary landscape paintings

Stefan Ettlinger, mine stream 2, 2017, contemporary painting, narrative painting, german painter, Düsseldorf living artist, musem, art galleries, Martin leyer-Pritzkow, curator, artdealer, artmediator Stefan Ettllinger, mine stream, 29,52 x 59,05 inches, acrylic on canvas, 2017
S.Ettlinger, Three Four, 2013, new Germain contemporary figurative expressionism S.Ettlinger, Three Four, egg -tempera on canvass, 31,49 x 63 inches, 2013
S.Ettlinger, twentyfive. twentysix, egg-tempera /oil on canvass, 59,05 x 45,27 inches, 2010, till springtime 2014 this work will be on exhibition in Seoul, South Corea.
S.Ettlinger, Ramon Roman, et het Heaters, Area Cente, Potsdam, 27.5.2008, Egg-tempera / oil on canvass, 55,12 x 78,74 inches, 2011r
S.Ettlinger,Robutter Blum, Musician bar Kile, 27.5.2006, egg-tempera / oil on nettle, 55,12 x 78,74 inches, 2011
S.Ettlinger, Ziel Good Project, Stage Garden, Hannover, 22.6.2003, egg-tempera / oil on nettle, 55,12 x 78,74 inches, 2011




Stefan Ettlinger lives and works in Düsseldorf. He studied at the Düsseldorf Art Academy. In his works he is elaborating the different time levels of adventures and allegories people keep in their mind. He combines different time levels in one picture to construct a new view of the past. His paintings are expressive and by the combination of pictures into one work they seemed to be abstract.


His works can be interpreted as new expressive  paintings. Their uniqueness will be sublined by the integration of different time levels by putting two images in one work.


In 2014 Stefan Ettlinger received the international art award from Museum Baden, Solingen (Germany).


in 2015 he got a great retrospective in the Kunsthalle Wilhelmshaven.


In the German Periodica "Kunstforum International" the art critic Rainer Unruh compaired the works of Stefan Ettlinger with the art of Peter Doig, Edvard Munch und Edgar Degas.


For further informations about exhibitions and curriculum vitae please look or see youtube: "Ein Lied: Bild" ( A song called - painting)






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