Yvonne Schweidtmann

S.Schweidtmann, Blue Red Yellow, 2007, new German, contemporary,figurative expressive painting, new German figurative expressionism Y.Schweidtmann, Blue Red Yellow, dispersion on nettle, 43,30 x 106,30 inches, 2007
S.Schweidtmann, Great Abstract, 1999, new German, contemporary, abstract expressive painting, new German abstract expressionism Y.Schweidtmann, Great Abstract, dispersion on nettle,66,92 x 118,11 inches, 1999
Y.Schweidtmann, Sea Roses, 2012, new German, contemporary, abstract Expressionism, Y.Schweidtmann, Sea Roses, dispersion on nettle, 59,05 x 47,24 inches, 2012
Y.Schweidtmann, White Dress, 2010, new German, contemporary figurative expressive painting, new German figurative expressionism Y.Schweidtmann, White Dress, dispersion on nettle, 47,24 x 31,49 inches, 2012
Y.Schweidtmann, Two Boats side by side, 2013, new German, contemporary, figurative expressive painting Y.Schweidtmann, Two boats side by side, dispersion on nettle, 55,12 x 90,55 inches, 2013




The painter Yvonne Schweitmann studied at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf. She lives and works in Düsseldorf.


In her works Yvonne Schweitmann focuses on paintings in the intervall of abstraction and figuration. This kind of paintings is typical for the new expression of the new millineum which ignores the limitation of  former postions. In her works you can excellent identify. The consequenz is that the issue defines the form of expression. In her works narrative and mystic levels are combined, to put the aesthetical experiences into the foreground.


Her works could be seen in a numerous of exhibitions in Germany. A lot of her works are in private and corporate collections. With her works she belongs to the  important painters of the new contemporary art in Germany.


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