Unique international contemporary artists

As a curator for international contemporary art, I work with artists who have found their own credible and therefore authentic position in their art work. They are thus clearly different from any mainstream claims. They develop exciting and new, equally unique works that show us their own view of the world.

This will enable them to win us for their work. They bring us into dialogue, show us worlds and visions that we can not rationally understand on our own, but require the attention of all our senses.

Many of them have already exhibited in major museums in the USA, Europe and also Asia. The quality of their work ares not only world-class and museal, but above all in the discourse of contemporary art or they build the discours. They are collected worldwide, whether in Miami, London Paris, Zurich or Beijing.

Most of the illustrated art works are, unless otherwise stated, also commercially available. Please contact us for detailed informations:

E-mail: mlp@mlpart.com
Telephone: + 49 - 172 26 29 069


Sincereley yours


Martin Leyer-Pritzkow

art curator & art mediator

(Former) Lecturer at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Venezia


Düsseldorf, Oktober 2019






Martin Leyer-Pritzkow

Mobile: + 49 -172 - 26 29 069

E-Mail: mlp@mlpart.com