Hendrik Krawen - " The new Romantic Paintings"

Hendrik Krawen, new German figurative painting, new German contemporary painting, new German landscape painting, new German contenporary narrative painting, Masterpupil Kunstakademie Düsseldorf Hendrik Krawen, Der Mensch und sein Bild von sich, OIl on Canvas, 39,37 x 55,12 inches
Hendrik Krawen, new contemporary landscape, new German abstract painting, new German contemporary art, Masterpupil Kunstakademie Düsseldorf Hendrik Krawen, Winterschwaden, Oil on wood, 39,37 x 39,37 inches
Hendrik Krawen, new German Contemporary painting, new German contemporary figurative painting, new German paintings, Masterpupil Kunstakdemie Düsseldorf, new German contemporary art, new art, 2014 Hendrik Krawen, Hafenkante und dahinter die offene See, oder ist dies, was ihr für die Welt übrig habt,II, Oil on canvas, 51,18 x 98,42 inches, 2014
Hendrik Krawen, 2014, new romantic paintings, new figurative paintings, new romanticism in contemporary art, new German art, new contemporary paintings, new art from Germany, Kunstakademie Düsseldorf Hendrik Krawen, "halwegs geflickt", Öil on canvass, 39,37 x 55,12 inches, 2014




Hendrik Krawen grew up in Lübeck.He studied at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf and lives in Berlin. In the years 2007/2008 he was a visiting professor at the Academy of fine arts in Hamburg (Hochschule für Bildende Künste Hamburg)


Works made by him are inter alia in ther public collections of "Bayerische Staatsgemäldesammlungen München, Kunsthalle Kiel, the Musée d'Art Moderne et Contemporain de Strasburg, Stiftung Museum Kunstpalast DüsseldorfFalckenberg Collection,Hamburg and the Leopold-Hoesch Museum, Düren.


In his landscapes he deals with the subject of the abstract spaces, places, objects and individuals. The selected objects, as well as the people seem detached or isolated in a methaphysical space of each other to float. People act like scissorslike scale shadow images of themselves. They are indicated in phantoms in some pictures while loosing themselves in a seemingly endless horizon. If there decontectualized words composed by letters, they appear as neologisms and bring their meaningfulness expressed in that manner, that they are not decipherable. The landscapeslook like archectural constructs and thus create an alienated almost acting cool atmosphere.


Hendrik Krawen paints pictures on differnt materials. Often images of a plurability of singel works are combined to form a new image.


With his art works Hendrik Krawen has to be included to one of the leading protagonists of new romantic paintings.



Hendrik Krawen's work "City of Images" were on display in the exhibition
> Radically Modern - Planning and Building in Berlin in the 1960s" from May 29-October 26, 2015 at the Berlinische Galerie, Museum for modern art Berlin.



Further informations about Hendrik Krawen you will find in Wikipedia, the Free

encyclopedia. On Vimeo you will find the video: Stadt der Bilder.


In Italy Hendrik Krawen is represented by the Gallery: Lia Rumma, Naples and Milano.




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