Katrin Roeber

K. Roeber, art studio and forest, 2013, painting, new Germain,Contemporary, figurative expressionism K. Roeber, Art studio and forest, acrylic on nettle, 51,18 x 53,15, 2013
K.Roeber, Forest, 2013, new Germain, contemporary ,figurative, expressionism K.Roeber, Forest II, oil on nettle, 78,74 x 102,36 inches, 2013
K.Roeber, Forest I, 2013, painting, new Contemporary, germain, figurative expressionism K. Roeber, Forest 1, oil on nettle, 41,73 x 49,60 inches, 2013
K.Roeber, Corsika, 2010, new Contemporary, Germain, figurative and expressive painting K.Roeber, Corsika, oil on canvass, 59,05 x 78,74 inches, 2010
K. Roeber, St. Cristoph, Vorarlberg, new Contemporary Germain, figurative expressionism K.Roeber, St. Cristoph III, oil on canvass, 59,05 x 78,74 inches, 2012
K.Roeber, pool of sea lions, 2005, new contemporary, Germain, figurative expressionism K.Roeber, poll of sea lions, Collage on a hardfaser plate, 34,25 x 34,25 inches, 2005

Interview with Katrin Roeber in her Exhibition "In the Jungle" in Düsseldorf, 2016 (German Language)




Katrin Roeber studied at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf. She ist former masterpupil of A.R.Penck. She lives and works in Düsseldorf. In her new pictures she integrates inner - and outer spaces. She calls it: "My freedom when I paint".


Her works had been presentated in several institutions in Domestic and Foreign countries. e.g. Germay, France, Italy and Austria. She was participiant of the circulating exhibition named "Junge Figurative" (Young Figuartives) which took place in the Carolinen-Palaias, Munich and afterwards in the Mönchehaus-Museum of contemporary art.




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