Thomas Ruch - Swiss Painter and Drawer

Thomas Ruch, New swiss contemporary art, new figurative art, new european art, contemporary Art from Switzerland, zeitgenössische Kunst aus der Schweiz Thomas Ruch, "Zündhölzchendruck macht Chäshüttli, 19,68 x 27,56 inches, 2014
Thomas Ruch, Swiss contemporary painting, new contemporary art from Switzerland, contemporary figurative art from switzerland, Kunstakademie Düsseldorf, new swiss contemporary art, neue zeitgenössische Kunst, German and Swiss contemporary art Thomas Ruch, Schnitterin (Cutterin), Mixed Media, 56,29 x 59,44 inches, 2008
Thomas Ruch, Pfingsteck (Swiss Mountain), 2012, Swiss contemporary art, new swiss contemporary painting, Kunstakademie Düsseldorf, Master Pupil of Konrad Klapheck, new Swiss contemporary drawings, new contemporary landscape drawing, neue zeitgenössische K Thomas Ruch, Pfingsteck (Name of a mountain), 2 plates, 148,81 x 139,37 inches, 2002



Thomas Ruch lives in Dusseldorf and Basel. He studied at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf  at the classes of Magdalena Jetelova, Konrad Klapheck and Franz Eckenschwiler. Thomas Ruch teaches at the Free Academy of Essen.

In his work he deals with themes of Swiss landscape as well as in terms of the idyll. It brings new possibilities of expression of an independent stroke to another level. This he succeeds in a pronounced three-dimensionality.

More informations about the artist Thomas Ruch can be found, inter alia, also in German Wikipedia and youtube, see also the videos below.


The Video Buddha was part of the exhibition "Als Dripping ist das Universum entstanden" (As Dripping the Universe was built) with works of Stefan Demary and Thomas Ruch, Düsseldorf 2016





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