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Rheinische Post, April 16th., 2019 Dr. Betram Müller visited Driss Ouadahi in his art studio in Düsseldorf: " In Düsseldorf habe ich das Malen gelernt", Page C5

Rheinische Post, January 16th.,2019, Master of Elementary Particles, Susanne Mandack in conversation with the artist Dennis Löw, selected by Brigitte Pavetic, p. C7


20.11.2017 Die Welt, P.12, (Economy) Daniel Eckert, "The Madness of the art market" (Der Irrsinn des Kunstmarkts)with Quotations from Martin Leyer-Pritzkow

April 29th. 2017, Die Welt, (Bad times for investors, good times for collectors) - Schlechte Zeiten für Investoren, gute Zeiten für Sammler, Daniel Eckert interviewing Martin Leyer-Pritzkow e.a. about the development of the art market.

Dezember 2016


Hans-Jörg Holubitschka, masterpupil of Gerhard Richter and one of the important colour field painter died in december 2016 very suddenly and unexpected.


August 2016


Since Spring 2016 Martin Leyer-Pritzkow is Member of the Jury of the  "Nadel der Medici".

Anna Maria Luisa de‘ Medici e.V. was founded in  2009 by Detmar Westhoff, Silke Rau and Alarik Graf Wachtmeister,members of the  Marketing Club Düsseldorf, who awared the "Nadel der Medici"  as prize since 2006.


Additional members of the Jury are:

Friedrich Conzen
Geschäftsführer F.G. Conzen GmbH

Frank Dopheide
Geschäftsführer der Verlagsgruppe Handelsblatt GmbH & Co. KG

Thomas Glodek
Leiter Information & Marketing, Aengevelt Immobilien GmbH & Co. KG

Hans-Georg Lohe

Kulturdezernent Stadt Düsseldorf

Dr. Stefanie Lucci

Inhaberin der Fa. Art Affairs

Thomas Rehbein
Thomas Rehbein Galerie, Köln, Sprecher der Kölner Galerien

Dr. Ulrich S. Soénius
Geschäftsführer Industrie- und Handelskammer zu Köln

Prof. Raimund Stecker






Berlin, April 10th, 2016


Aus dem Rahmen, (out of the frame) Interview from Daniel Eckert with Martin Leyer-Pritzkow e.a. in Die Welt,  Apirl 10th.2016



Berlin May 13th, 2015


Interview from Daniel Eckert with Martin Leyer-Pritzkow e.a.,"Gefährlicher Überschwang am Kunstmarkt" (Dangerous exuberance at the artmarkt) - Die Rekordjagt bei Gemälden und Skulpturen könnte eine kommende Erschütterung der Börsen ankündigen, in: Die Welt, Finanzen S. 13, vom 13.5.2015, online please click. (Picasso-Rekord kündet von Panik der Supeereichen) - ( All time Picaaso record announces the panic of the super-rich).


Düsseldorf, February 19th. 2015


Rheinische Post, In Düsseldorf ist alles ein bisschen zu brav", (Düsseldorf is a little to well-behaved) Interview with the artist Jårg Geismar by Bertram Müller


Düsseldorf, August 26th, 2014


Bertram Müller in  the Rheinische Post dated 26th, august 2014, Portrait of the Artist Stefan Ettlinger concerning the exhibition " A painting to much does not lead to blindness " at Leyer-Pritzkow


The Bullion Bulletin, Art as tangible assets, art as an investment alternative in unsecure times by Martin Leyer-Pritzkow, Ausgabe 02 / Juni 2013


Handelsblatt Live-App May 23rd, 2013 Mrs. Dr. Christiane Fricke, vice -directress of the art editorial office writes about the upcoming auction with contemporary art at auction house Van Ham, Cologne at June, 7th. 2013


ImpulseIs that art or junk? Martin Leyer-Pritzkow explains the readers of the magazine, how they can identify fine contemporary art, Vol. 1, 2013


Die Welt: The art of a good money investment, Katrin Gotthold and Daniel Eckert in an interview with Martin Leyer-Pritzkow e.o., edition 11.11th. 2012


Westdeutsche Zeitung: Art Collision creates new energy. The  Richter-Master pupils Bernard Lokai and Hans-Jörg Holubitscka create exciting contrasts,June 10th. 2010 by Christoph Elles.


Rheinische Post: Academy competition Düsseldorf - München, Bertram Müller in interview with Martin Leyer-Pritzkow concerning the exhibition in the Bavarian capitol, edition, May 11th.2010


Die Welt: In ten years we will have the first art work for a biilion, Daniel Eckert in an interview with Martin Leyer-Pritzkow, Edition February, 2nd. 2008


Deutschland Radio Kultur: Collecting, but in the right way. adviser for the art purchase by Martina Wehlte, August 17th. 2005


WDR 3, Mosaik: Interview with the authors of the Kunstkaufbuch, Martin Leyer-Pritzkow and Klaus Sebastian, from 8.00-9.00 a.m., April 25th. 2005


Der Spiegel: Decade of Greed, , Ulrike Knöfel writes about The Kunstkaufbuch of the authors Martin Leyer-Pritzkow and Klaus Sebastian, Edition March, 7th, 2005




Düsseldorf, February 22nd, 2015


New Cooperations with the following artists in the last 12 months:


Hendrik Krawen, Neoromantic Painting

Thomas Ruch, Painting and graphics, Basel (Swiss)

Thyra Schmidt, New Media Art

Miriam Hüning, New Art Photography

Jårg Geismar, Installations, Object Art, Painting and Performance

Stefan Ettlinger, Painting

Heinz Hausmann, Concept Art, Painting

Bénédicte Van der Maar, New Contemporary Photography, Paris, France



Düsseldorf, February 15th, 2014


Again works from the German artist Gerhard Richter brought new uaction records at auctions of post war and contemporary art  Sothebys und Chisties  The painting Wall, dated 1994  approx. 240 cm x 240 cm, gained 15.5 Mio British Pounds and another abstract work of Gerhard Richter at Christies more than 19.5 Mio. British pounds (s. Faz-online).


Who is looking for hight quality contemporary art should use the opportunity to look at the works of his master pupils Hans-Jörg Holubitschka and Bernard Lokai. Now it's the right time to invest into the next Generation!



Düsseldorf, January 11th, 2014


The German VAT for art is enhanced from 7 % to 19% with January 1st. 2104


For the works of emerging artists the engagement by buyers should be a medium to longtime decision, so the increase of prices by VAT should be neglected.


But do not forget: Buy contemporary art just in time with the eyes and not with the ears to be a partial of the culture our time. The earnings will be quality, emotional experience and new perceptions aboot life.


We like to serve with detailed informations about the "The Strategy of Collecting contemporary art" - for Individuals and companies.



Düsseldorf, December 10th, 2013


New Cooperations with the following  artists:


Stefan Ettlinger, Painter, Düsseldorf, Germany

Heinz Hausmann, Conceptual Artist, Painter, Düsseldorf, Germany

Sven Kierst, Photographer, Düsseldorf, Germany

Bénédicte Van der Maar, Photographer from Paris, France

Yvonne Schweidtmann, Painter, Düsseldorf, Germany



The demand of art works of the represented artist you will see in : There you find under the item  - new Figuratives - on the first places Peter Lindenberg Stefan Schwarzmüller,  Yvonne Schweidtmann by the search of: New German  figurative expressive...


If you look for- new french figurative figurative .... Bénédicte van der Maar will be on the first place with her photographies also Sven Kierst, if you look forfigurative photography.


Do you search for - new German abstract sculpture - you will find on the first page works from Armin Baumgarten . If you use the item - new German color field painting - you will find direct works from Hans-Jörg Holubitschka, the master pupil of Gerhard Richter. If you prefer to use English items at,, or, you will find these artists very quick and easy.




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