The dawned day
   Version II
   with 27 color illustrations works by
   Hendrik Krawen
   Edited by Martin Leyer - Pritzkow
   ISBN 978-3-9823565-0-1

   € 15,--


              Studio visits

              Offer of moderated studio visits

              at 24 artists with Martin Leyer - pritzkow

              108 pages
              Edited by Martin Leyer - Pritzkow

              ISBN 978-3-9820895-9-1
              € 7,50 delivery costs

Bernard Lokai
Catalog accompanying the exhibition July 2021
with text (german/english) by Gertrud Peters
Edited by Martin Leyer - Pritzkow
ISBN 078-3-9820895-8-4
€ 15,--


New Publication September 2020


Heinz Hausmann

SENNOLIO-Ensemble spielt Hausmusik

30 coloured photos of his serial of paperworks

Editor Martin Leyer-Pritzkow

ISBN 978-3-9820895-6-0

€ 19,95

The Pioneer of Social Sculpture

Adolf Bierbrauer (1915-2012)

The Hypnosis Paintings of the early 50s.

Text english

Editor: Martin Leyer-Pritzkow

ISBN 978-3-9820895-5-3

€ 14,90

Zündhölzchen macht Chässhüttli

Thomas Ruch

Exhibition catalogue

German / English

with text by Maren Knapp Voith

Editor: Martin Leyer-Pritzkow

ISBN 978-3-9820895-4-6

€ 12,--

From Past to Future

Tina Juretzek

Exhibition catalogue

German / English, 2019

Editor: Martin Leyer-Pritzkow

ISBN 978-3-9820895-2-2

€ 12,--

ZWISCHEN WELTEN / Between worlds

Armin Baumgarten und Adolf Bierbrauer

Exhibition catalogue

German / English, 2019

Editor: Martin Leyer-Pritzkow

ISBN 978-3-9820895-1-5

€ 12,--



Exhibition catalogue

German / English, 2019

Editor: Martin Leyer-Pritzkow

ISBN 978-3-98208950-8

€ 14,--

Körper und Materie / Body and Matter

Dennis Löw

Exhibition catalogue

German / English, 2019

Editor: Martin Leyer-Pritzkow

ISBN 978-3-00-061930-4

€ 15,90

Das Kunstkaufbuch (The Art Purchasing Book)

Martin Leyer-Pritzkow / Klaus Sebastian

Prestel Verlag 2005

ISBN 978-3791333595


The first book about the quality criterias on contemporary art

€ 14,95


Dialoghi Inversi

Fabrizio Gazzarri

Artist book

Text German / Italian / English, 2003

Editor: Martin Leyer-Pritzkow

Translation Marlene Klein / Martin Leyer-Pritzkow

€ 15,--

Junge Figurative / Young Figuratives

Exhibition Catalogue

Text German / English

Editor: Martin Leyer-Prittzkow

with contribution by Robert Ketterer, Christoph Zuschlag and Martin Leyer-Pritzkow

ISBN 978-3000073755

€ 20,--


Monography about Adolf Bierbrauer

Text German / English, 2000

with contribution by Veronika Kolbe, Martin Leyer-Pritzkow and Roswitha Mösl

Translation Daisy Countess of Einsiedel

ISBN 3-926820-70-5

€ 35,--

Due Dimensioni / Two Dimensions

Arte Giovane in Italia e Germania

young art in Italy and Germany

Editor: Martin Leyer-Pritzkow

with contributions by Antonio Tonato, Armin Baumgarten, Fabrizio Gazzarri, Luigi Viola, Axel Wendelberger

ISBN 3-926820-61-6

€ 25,--





Contributions in external publications


2012 Freiheit durch Begrenzung, art photography by Sven Kierst with text by Frank Maier-Solgk and Martin Leyer-Pritzkow




Artist's publications

New Publication

To be released November 2019



Thyra Schmidt

Über Diebe und die Liebe / On Thieves and Love

An Artist's book / an Artist's text

German / English

Edition Cantz

                                           ISBN 978-3-947563-67-8

                                           € 15,--


Horst Keining SCOOP

An Artist Book

Edition Cantz 2019

with contributon of Stephan Berg, Alexandra König, Harald Kunde and Dirk Steimann

Editor: Stephan Berg

ISBN 987-3-947563-29-6

€ 29,--



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