The artist is fascinated by the power of hidden messages and surprising revelations.
Gazzarri’s paintings possess such power and strength, yet are made of simple lines. This kind of art, interacting with an environment that often requires filtered forms of dialogue rather than impulsive actions, opens new spaces for new dialogues

Sarah Corona


Fabrizio Gazzarri lives in Milan and Mestre (near Venice). He studied with Emilio Vedova in Venice and is a contemporary painter, sculptor and photographic artist.

In his works he focuses on the issues interpersonal relations, the life as a part of the entirety and the feeling of security of the human beeing.

A catalog about his works and other well-known artists, title: Tabula Rasa – Metamorfosi per una Rinascita is available in Italy and selected German bookstores.

In the fall of 2018, Fabrizio Gazzarri last has an exhibition at the University of Verona (Italy).

Additional links – Webseite des Künstlers

Art studio visit

Take the opportunity to ask Fabrizio Gazzarri about his work in a personal conversation at the place of art production and to see new works.


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