Discretion and unobtrusiveness are advantageous if one wants to be left alone while drawing. When I am asked, why do you draw Botticelli’s Venus, it is certainly the fascination that makes this image still lasting after 500 years. Many images of our own history have become foreign to us. They form a window into another time, into which they give us insight. So my interest is in my own absurdity in my current present, to find my way through it in a humorous way.

Artworks (Selection)


Thomas Ruch lives in Dusseldorf and Basel. He studied at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf at the classes of Magdalena Jetelova, Konrad Klapheck and Franz Eckenschwiler. Thomas Ruch teaches at the Free Academy of Essen.

In his work he deals with themes of Swiss landscape as well as in terms of the idyll. It brings new possibilities of expression of an independent stroke to another level.This he succeeds in a pronounced three-dimensionality.

Thomas Ruch works in the field of graphics and drawing, for example, also in line etchings. He puts these graphic techniques in context with contemporary material such as paints from the spray can (graffiti) and painting.

Thomas Ruch has participated several times in the International Triennial of Xylon and the International Triennial of Original Graphics in Grenchen, as well as in annual cantonal exhibitions of Solothurn artists in Switzerland. He is a member of Visarte (Switzerland) and the international woodcutting association Xylon.

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