The best result would be,
a bucket of paint falls over and everything is there.

Stefan Schwarzmüller

Artworks (Selection)


Stefan Schwarzmüller (born as Stefan Müller) studied at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf. He was masterpupil of Siegfried Anzinger. He lives and works in Berlin.

In his works he used own adventures of travels and activities to transform them into paintings. His works are characterized by their deep intensitiy of space. Also in case of a small space (means canvas) he creates an endless deep of viewing to the recipient. His works can be descriped as figurative, but in the real sence they abstract from the notive and give the impression to be painted with a nonchalant dash.

In the past Stefan Schwarzmüller showed his works in Germany,Italy, Austria and America. He was also participiant of the circle exhibition “Young Figuratives” which took place in the Carolinen-Palais, Munich (2001) and in the Mönchehaus-Museum for Contemporary, Goslar (2002) art at the beginning of the new millineum. – Website of artist

Art studio visit

Take the opportunity to ask Stefan Schwarzmüller about his work in a personal conversation and to view new works.


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