Nature in art suffers from a specific paradox. As an un- or even anti-artificial subject per se, nature resists a reflexive overforming design – “nature art” must not be “artificial”, i.e. unnatural … and also not kitschy or beautiful … what to do in this dilemma? … Here Peter Lindenberg tries with his “Strong Nature Works” (in German: “Krasse Natur”) new ways of an aesthetically stubborn description beyond a naturalistic or even romantic view …

Thomas Hegemann

Landscape painter and landscape sculpturer

Peter Lindenberg studied at the Accademy of Art, Braunschweig. He was Masterpupil of Norbert Tadeusz. He livesand works in Berlin.

In his paintings Peter Lindenberg occupies himself with issues as the sequence of seasons,vegetable, nature and spaces. This is the cause for him to create expressiveand abstract image compositions. Since several years he is asking himself how to transfer the painting into a form of a sculpture. The results had been sculptures, which you will find elementary inhis paintings. The sculptures themselves now integrate in the envirements, cties, forests, nature and realize new “image adventures”.

Peter Lindenberg has exhibited and worked in a lot of countries, e.g. America (Nancy and Edward Kienholz Foundation, Idaho), China, Japan and Italy. He was alsoparticipient of circle exhibitions “Young Figuratives) at The Carolinen-Palais, Munich (2001) and at the Mönchenhaus-Museum of Contemporary Art, Goslar (2002), at the beginning of the new Millenium.

With his paintings Peter Lindenberg interact between figurative and abstract expression. Some of the elements from his paintings he overtakes in a reductional language of his figurative sculptures. With his works he is part of the new German contemporary art.

Art studio visit

Take the opportunity to ask Peter Lindenberg about his work in a personal conversation at the place of art production and to view new works.



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