The painterly condensations in my work are closely related to the narrative density “densité” of the banlieues of large metropolises, evoked by their structures and the various layers of culture and memory.

Driss Ouadahi

Driss Ouadahi

Contemporary architectural painter

Driss Ouadahi is a contemporary Algerian painter. He lives and works in Düsseldorf and Paris. He is a graduate of the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf.

In his works, he combines abstract architectural formal languages with urban structures that have developed from the various districts in Europe or Africa.

In his paintings, in addition to the painterly expressive possibilities of structures that can be compared, which are shown in the respective architecture, the visualization of social processes withthe means of painting is at stake. Architecture is anonymous, marginalized, isolated, but can also have the opposite effect when different ethnic groups meet..

Art studio visit

Take the opportunity to ask Driss Ouahahi about his work in a personal conversation and view new works.


Rheinische Post vom 16.4.2019

interview in the art studio by Bertram Müller with Driss Ouadahi you can read here
“In Düsseldorf habe ich das Malen gelernt.”



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