A photo is a good photo if you look longer than a second to it.”

Henri Cartier-Bresson


Bénédicte van der Maar is a French photographer. She lives and works in Paris, France.

In her photography she occupies herself  with the human beeing in the different regions of the world. The indvidual person has priority. She shows the infringements people causes to other respectivelythe vulnerability of the individual. The Humans try to protect their dignity against misery which happens to them.

The medium photography creates in her work an own new esthetic, to capture the human in its entirety without ignoring misery and suffered unjustness. With her worksBénédicte van der Maar is a strong position in the new contemporary figurative and social french photography.

The term of the objective photography will not define the character of her artwork optimal: Her artistic intention is the sensibilization of the recipient for socialdevelopments. She does not want to impeach, but she wants to make realize the need of ethical questions. With her works she overtakes an outstanding place in the new French contemporary photography. Her works cannot be compared with the photography of Diane Arbus, who portrayed the poverty and the minor characters of the society with all hardness. I subsume her works with the idea of new humanistic photography of the 21st.century. 

Collections and auctions

In France the works of Bénédicte van der Maar are part of numerous private collections. Her works had been succesfully auctioned in internationally well known auction houses like Rossini and Cornette-sur Syr, Paris.
In Germany her works can be seen the first time on this pages. A grand opening of an exhibition with her works started November 5th., 2013 at The Fonderie de l’art contemporain, Paris.


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