“My artistic work in the media of sculpture, drawing and performance deals with figurative movement and existential hardships. It is conveyed through the feel of the material, tragicomedy and formal elegance.”

Thomas Bernstein


Thomas Bernstein was born in 1957 in Mündersbach / Westerwald.
He studied with Tony Cragg and Fritz Schwegler at the Düsseldorf Art Academy from 1978 to 1985. Thomas Bernstein lives and works in Düsseldorf.

The sculptor, painter and performer creates figurative works on paper as well as anthropomorphic sculptures made of various materials, primarily silicone. The predominant theme in his performances is movement, the everyday and the absurd. While his pictorial works refer to questions about human communication, his sculptures show abstract body-related forms. These are found naturalistically more elaborated in his figurative drawings.

At an early age he received a scholarship at the famous MOMA P.S.1, New York. He himself was a lecturer at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf and until recently a professor at the HBK, in Hamburg.

Reigen (La Ronde) – the title of a exhibtion is the term that many are familiar with in the form of a famous theater play, in the context of this exhibition of works by Thomas Bernstern it is used as a metaphor. There are paintings of underwater worlds, the human-like creaturesrepresent in ornamental and simultaneously anarchic freedom of movement. These beings who partially baroque way intertwine in themselves and others, show the communication attempts of everyday lifewith its contradictions and confusion that seem to lead to infinity.

His works have been exhibited in famous galleries such as Victorio Miro in London, Six Friedrich in Munich, Raphael Jaoblonka in Cologne, Mai 36 Galeriein Luzern, in Melbourne, as well as repeatedly in Kunsthalle Düsseldorf and Museum Kunst Palast Düsseldorf.


Take the opportunity to ask Thomas Bernstein about his work in a personal conversation at the place of art production and to view new works.

Thomas Bernstein



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