Art studio visits

Art Studio Visits in Europe

For a lot of art enthusiasts it is a special event to vist the artists in their art studios, to make aquaintance in their personal surrounding.  Means to visit the artist there, where the artof our time is produced. A lot of artists are completely focused on their work, so a visit seems to be disturbing. Or we  feel us as invaders.

Althoungh nobody wants to disturb the other at his work, the interest in the work of the artist may be great, we offer individual personal art studio visits in Düsseldorf, Berlin, Munich,Milano, Paris, Venice and Vizenza

How you can get the opportunity to visit artists in their art studio?

Very simple:

 Please send us an email, which artist you like to visit. We arrange all required details:

  • Travel expenditures, Hotel, Restaurants, sight seeing, cultural events 
  • individual art studio visit with the presence of the artist
  • moderation of the art studio talk in German, English, French and Italian
  • cultural and experienced accompanying program
  • personal maintenance from arrival to departure

What is the price?

Additional costs you pay for the travel expenses of the curator.

So – do not hesitate to call us: + 49 172 26 29 2069 or better send email to: – with your personal desires and date proposals and ideas.

It will be profitable for you!

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