Art studio visits

For a lot of art enthusiasts it is a special event to vist the artists in their art studios, to make aquaintance in their personal surrounding.  Means to visit the artist there, where the artof our time is produced. A lot of artists are completely focused on their work, so a visit seems to be disturbing. Or we feel us as invaders.

You will have the opportunity to talk to artists about their work in person at the place where the art is produced and to see new works before they are shown in exhibitions, galleries or at fairs.

When you register for a studio visit, you and your companion will receive an exclusive invitation. Take advantage of this opportunity for a personal conversation to learn more about the ideas, procedures and production of contemporary art.

The conversation is moderated by me to allow visitors and artists to get to know each other without constraint.

This often results in very stimulating discussions that can take up to one or two hours. In this way, many beautiful encounters have come about in the past.

Request atelier visit

    You are also welcome to call me

    +49 172 262 90 69

    or write a message to to arrange your studio visit.

    Cost of the studio visit

    Additional costs you pay for the travel expenses of the curator.

    We arrange all required details:

    • Travel expenditures, Hotel, Restaurants, sight seeing, cultural events 
    • individual art studio visit with the presence of the artist
    • moderation of the art studio talk in German, English, French and Italian
    • cultural and experienced accompanying program
    • personal maintenance from arrival to departure