Adolf Bierbrauer / Takakazu Takeuchi – PAINTINGS OF SOULS

Adolf Bierbrauer
Takakazu Takeuchi

August 10, 2023 from 6 – 9 p.m.

Duration of the exhibition:
July 11 – September 19, 2023

at Martin Leyer-Pritzkow
Grupellostr. 8
40210 Düsseldorf, Germany

Visit by appointment only

The new exhibition shows works of two artists who feel similar themes. Each of them is looking for their own expression, to express through form, gesture and color the soul of the people, the individual. They verbidlichen the unconscious, and give the soul a shape.

Adolf Bierbrauer (1915 – 2012 Düsseldorf) was inspired throughout his life by his surroundings and especially by his fellow men. The other, the individual, as well as the group in all its social phases gave him reason to paint. The painter as an interpreter of the hidden states of the soul of others. Bierbrauer’s famous approach was his early hypnosis paintings of the 1950s, with which he became a pioneer of the social sculpture formulated by Joseph Beuys more than a decade later. His somnambulistic works can be discovered in the exhibition. They emerged from within himself in a state removed from self-control.

Takakazu Takeuchi (1961*, Japan) studied both in Japan and in Düsseldorf with Günther Uecker and Klaus Rinke at the Kunstakademie. Takeuchi is now an associate professor at Aichi University of Arts in Aichi., Japan. He lives in Aichi and Düsseldorf.

He was also inspired by Joseph Beuys during his studies. In his soul portraits, shown here for the first time, he refers to beings he or his ancestors may have met before. Takeuchi In recent years has begun painting with brush and fingers, using clay, stone dust and paint on paper. It is very close to his feeling as a sculptor to create three-dimensional objects that can be grasped with both hands. In his painting, the sense of form and color flows from his hands into the surface of the paper and takes shape.
In this exhibition, both artists show exciting works on paper that arise from a similar creative process, but are completely different in what they depict and yet reveal similarities.

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