Katrin Roeber / Bernard Lokai

Thursday, 26.1.2023 from 18 to 21 pm

January 27 – February 26, 2023

Please suggest your visit date here if unable to attend the opening

The painter Katrin Roeber and the painter Bernard Lokai have already participated together in exhibitions at home and abroad with their works. One of the first exhibitions was at the time in the Carolinenpalais in Munich and in the Mönchehaus Museum in Goslar, known for its internationally renowned art award.

Now for the first time they show their work together in my rooms. Katrin Roeber is known for her expressive, colorful landscape paintings, in which she captures her joy of untouched nature in the picture and reformulates it into dramatic visual experiences. This time, however, she is showing works from a brand new series that deals with caves. It is certainly no coincidence that Katrin Roeber is concerned with caves, as they are also a symbol of familiarity, refuge and security from a world in flux. The interior (the cave) is pictorially turned inside out. The cave becomes a colorful rock that stands in space and captures the gaze of its viewers through the coarseness of the rock formations.

Bernard Lokai comes from landscape painting, which he abstracted more and more over time and condensed into neo-expressive pictorial compositions. He is also showing a new series of large-format works that now move away completely from the pictorial idea of a landscape and evolve into baroque expressive celestial bodies. While in his earlier works floating, completely abstract expressive space-like structures or formations were still recognizable, we now gain the impression of crystalline bodies that break open or seem to connect with other bodies.

The brief sketch of Katrin Roeber’s and Bernard Lokai’s pictorial worlds, which on the one hand appear similar, but on the other hand appear completely different, already reveals exciting juxtapositions at this point, which absolutely demand that you personally immerse yourself in this painterly thicket.

We look forward to your visit to the exhibition.

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