The rich and the beautiful (Die Reichen und die Schönen)

The rich and the beautiful

(Die Reichen und die Schönen)


March 16, 2023 from 6 – 9 p.m.

Duration of the exhibition:
March 17 – April 16, 2023

Peter Lindenberg is a painter and sculptor. He studied at the University of Fine Arts in Braunschweig. Since the end of his studies he lives and works in Berlin.

We have been working together for more than 20 years. I was allowed to show his works in the Carolinenpalais in Munich, as well as in the Mönchehaus Museum in Goslar. In Düsseldorf I was able to exhibit his paintings in my rooms on Achenbachstrasse and later on Schumannstrasse, and at a then-subsidiary of Hypovereinsbank.

Peter Lindenberg was able to realize numerous exhibitions in Shanghai, Sweden and the USA. There he was able to develop and present his painting and his outdoor sculptures.
The new exhibition ” The rich and the beautiful” shows a new series of paintings with floral, landscape abstract motifs. Peter Lindenberg gives his paintings titles that make us think of places that are famous for their cliché that it is precisely those who are counted among the rich and or beautiful meet there. Every era has its “places to be”. Those who want to belong to them have to be there, so they have to be rich or beautiful, or be able to deal familiarly with those who are.
However, what unites them all is transience. The art, the work of art takes a strong position there. Because it outlasts the moment, it is an appeal against transience. Wealth and beauty last only for the moment, yet we are often taken with them or flattered to have them in or around us.

The true, the beautiful and the good are often confused with them. Peter Lindenberg looks away from the concrete in his paintings. Because painting, the act of painting, putting it on the canvas, is the overcoming of the ephemeral, the temporary. He shows us something new, his sensitive view of the world of the ephemeral, of appearances. He raises it above abstraction to a system of values that will always exist and outlast us.

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