Maria Elisabetta Novello

M.E.Novello, Paesagi, 2010, new contemporary, Italian,  figurative painting, sculpture, new landscapes, M.E.Novello, Paesagi, Sculpture, 5 elements, acrylic metall boxes fillled with ash, 2010
M.E.Novello, Paesagi, 2010, new contemporary, Italian, figurative painting and sculpture, new landscapes M.E.Novello, Paesagi, 2 elements, acrylic metall boxes filled with ash, 11,81 x 11,81 inches per box, 2010
M.E.Novello, Vuoti, Emptiness, sculpture, 2010, new contemporary, Italian, figurative painting and sculpture M.E.Novello, Vuoti, (Emptiness), glas tubes with filled with ash, 59,05 x 59,05 inches, 2011





Maria Elisabetta Novello is an Italian artist. She lives and works in Vicenca (I). She studied at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Venezia. She had been one of twelve artists who had participate at the circle exhibition "Young art in Italy and Germany". This show could be seen in Venice, Rovigo and Cologne. Recently she won the Blumm Prize in Brussels (B).


In her works she is occupieing herself with symmetric and abstract forms. Many of her works using ash as a modelling material. Out of this she creates landscapes (see above) or she is scattering the ash on large floorspace, to mold abstract mosaic-like images.


The works of Maria Elisabetta Novello find the language of a new italian figurative landscape painting and of a new italian sculpture, which vanquish the used limits. With her works she is part of the new Italian contemporary art.


February, 9th,  2014 the Schaulager Sindelfingen shows new works of Maria Elisabetta Novello. Title of the exhibtion: New postions of Italian contemporary art.





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